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Online Website Builder - Your Turn-Key Website Building and Hosting Solution!

Build a page. Build a website. Build a business.

WebsiteWizard's breakthrough site builder technology offers you everything you need to build a website, host it online, get pre-qualified visitors from search engines and convert them to customers with ecommerce features.

Who uses WebsiteWizard?

Existing e-commerce sites & e-businesses

Do you need more targeted traffic for your primary site? With WW you will create high-ranked, crawler-friendly sites that get you pre-qualified visitors 24/7 (see video) and cost less than a dollar a day.

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Infopreneurs, e-writers, publishers

It's never been easier to publish your information online! Build search engine friendly content sites and convert traffic to revenue via selected affiliate programs and Google AdSense, or even sell your own e-products!

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Work From Home, SOHO Business

Forget "get-rich-quick" schemes and run your own real business. Get targeted traffic, serve quality content and convert your visitors to paying customers whether you are selling products or services, online or off-.

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Start an info-packed site, turn it to a traffic-magnet and monetize on referring your visitors to carefully chosen affiliate/referral programs. Some WW users are generating thousands every month using this technique.

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Network Marketers, MLM Marketers

Forget buying leads and cold-calling. Launch a content-rich site, get targeted visitors from search engines and capture their details. Having them come to you not the other way around will skyrocket your closing ratios!

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Physical Goods Sellers / Retailers

Start your online store and take credit card orders 24/7, no matter what you are selling. You don't even need a separate merchant account or shopping cart software. It's all included and ready for you to use!

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Actual customer sites

Actual site screenshot, a professional training company, run their own newsletter (handled by WebsiteWizard), provide details for all their courses (published via Website Wizard), encourage to fill-in special agreement forms (created in WebsiteWizard) and allow purchasing courses online (using WebsiteWizard shopping cart)

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