Answers for frequently asked questions

What happens after I sign up for WebsiteWizard? 

We will immediately send you your log-in information, so that you can sign in to the Control Panel and access all the easy-to-use web-building tools and features. You can literally start building your website within 5 minutes from beginning the ordering process!

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Hey, I need to buy a domain name for my website, right?! 

Wrong! Your WebsiteWizard (Optimum as well as E-Commerce) comes with a FREE domain name registration! You can choose any .com / .net / .org domain name and we'll register it in your name at no cost to you! Registration usually takes no more than 24-48 hours. But if you already have a domain name that you'd like to use for your website, you can do that too! If you choose Starter plan, you can use free subdomain in domain or register a new domain.

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How easy it is to build a website with WebsiteWizard? 

Almost too easy! It's just like writing a document in Microsoft Word, or in your favorite email program. You type in the content of your pages, add formatting elements (bold, italics etc.), insert images, design elements etc. You can choose from dozens of beautiful website templates. Once you get a hang of it, you can then take advantage of more advanced website building tools that'll add firepower to your online presence! You will be amazed how easy and rewarding it is to use WebsiteWizard!

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How big my website can be? 

We don't want to limit your creativity. Your website can be as big as you want it to be, at least in Optimum and E-Commerce plans. In Starter plan, number of pages is limited to 15 (most of sites need less than that).

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Can I sell my tangible or electronic products on my website? 

Yes! With WebsiteWizard E-Commerce, you can build your online store, accept credit cards on the Internet, process online orders and make money while you sleep. All of this without a merchant account! You can even start your own two-tier affiliate program to jump your sales through the roof! And how about tracking your advertisements and promotions, so you'd know exactly which ads are making you money, and which should go to trash? All of this is doable with WebsiteWizard E-Commerce!

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On the first page I can see Visual Site Editor icon, under Starter plan. Is Visual Site Editor available in Optimum or E-Commerce plan as well? 

Of course! Optimum plan contains all the features of Starter plan and lot's of new features, and E-Commerce plan contains all the features of Optimum plan as well as advanced e-commerce tools. See also the question below.

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What are the exact differences between WebsiteWizard Starter, Optimum and E-Commerce? 

Click here for a detailed comparison!

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What will happen if I click "Build your site for free" button on home page? 

We have prepared a special, easy-to-use wizard, which will allow you to create a simple site, using just a small subset of WebsiteWizard features. After building your site with that wizard, you will be given the opportunity to get a free 7-day Optimum account.

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Can I add pictures? If so how much space do I get? 

Of course. You are given unlimited space for your pictures in Optimum and E-Commerce plans. With Starter plan, your files can take up to 100 MB (it's over 1000 of good quality pictures!)

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How many email accounts do I get? 

With Optimum and E-Commerce plans, you are given an unlimited number of fully password protected pop3/smtp e-mail accounts. With Starter you get up to five accounts (for yourself, your family or friends). Moreover - you can add you own aliases - both internal and external.

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How can I access my WebsiteWizard email accounts? 

You can access your email either using your favorite email software with POP3 protocol, or via WebMail, whatever is more convenient for you!

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Can I host my website with someone else after I create it in WebsiteWizard? 

No. It's not possible to move your site to a different server because of advanced technology we use.

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I already have a Domain name registered with someone else can I use it in WebsiteWizard? 

Yes. A domain name that has been registered outside of WebsiteWizard can be added to your account with ease.

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If I have an existing website, can I transfer it to WebsiteWizard? 

WebsiteWizard uses a state-of-art database-driven system to store websites, therefore you cannot simply upload your exisiting website to WebsiteWizard. You can, however, replicate your website by pasting the HTML code and uploading pictures.

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Do I need any special software to run WebsiteWizard? 

WebsiteWizard works with many operating systems such as Microsoft Windows (98, Me, 2000, XP, Vista), Mac OS X or Linux. You need latest version of Internet Explorer browser (version 6.0 or higher) or Mozilla Firefox (version 0.9 or higher) to access all the features of WebsiteWizard. You should also have Macromedia Flash Player installed (usually installed by default).

If you don't have the required software, please download Mozilla Firefox and then download Macromedia Flash Player.

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Does WebsiteWizard work on Macintosh or Linux? 

Yes! Although WebsiteWizard is not fully compatible with Safari, default Mac OS X browser, you can download and install Mozilla Firefox and get access to all the WebsiteWizard features!

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What are e-commerce merchant account fees?  

You can integrate your PayPal account with WebsiteWizard. With PayPal you get:

  • No rollover fee
  • 2.90% commission
  • US $0.30 per transaction fee

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What are Sitemaps and why should I use them?  

A Sitemap is an XML file containing important information for crawlers and robots that determine the placement of your site in search engines such as Google. Sitemaps help you enhance your website’s SEO. Your website is added to the standard directory by default, and robots search its contents periodically, doing their best to determine the layout of links and the relevance of their content.

A Sitemap enables you to:

  • Specify which pages will be scanned – useful for removing confidential, irrelevant, or out of date pages from search results.
  • Specify the frequency each page’s content is likely to change – the default is weekly, but you may wish to set forums to daily for fresh results, and your contact page to monthly.
  • Specify a priority for the pages on your site – if a page is more important than others, such as your contact info page, set the value higher, and for less relevant pages set it lower.
  • Register the Sitemap with Google Sitemaps directly and login to monitor stats and check when it was last scanned.

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