I love Website Wizard! Over the years, I've tried numerous other website builders....'Website Wizard' is by far the best. I find the tools a joy to work with (simple, flexible, reliable and user- friendly). All my dealings with Website Wizard have been positive and I value the help and support available to me. I also love that I can personalize my sites with Youtube videos. Thank you Website Wizard team...keep up the good work!

Hazel Trudeau (UK) (community group)

I love WebsiteWizard! I have created two websites with your product with my articles and reprinted content and guess what... both sites are now generating streams of visitors from the search engines (especially Google). I am now planning on adding Google AdSense to these sites, so that I can monetize on this traffic. I believe your product is better than SBI - easier to use and more flexible. Keep up the great work, guys!

Martha Meister,
Premium Ventures

We are not technically inclined people. In fact, IT-Challenged-Since-Birth, would be more accurate. We're travel professionals, not "Techies".

So why is it our friends and business colleagues are surfing our site and saying: Wow... real professional website... so who did it and designed it for ya'? We've had to lie, by mentioning you Simon [Simon is the owner of GetResponse, the company behind WebsiteWizard]... They simply wouldn't believe it if we told them it was "us".

As for the WebsiteWizard, what a powerful tool -- both from a Technical and even moreso Marketing perspective -- and again, so user friendly. Also an incredibly valuable package, and my goodness, the price you make it available at! We really don't see how you do it!

Keep up the fantastic work and a very big thank you to your support team in after-sales service who responds to our every e-mail inquiry promptly and professionally.

Rob and Bas

Thanks WebsiteWizard! As a computer training company, we did not want to have to rely on our contracted IT guys to make the changes we need.

Our site is updated weekly and I wanted to be able to update and make changes without any hassle. I do not have any HTML or Web training so I needed a product that the average person could use!

We seriously looked at 14 different options when it was time to update our site and your company was simply the best product for the best price. We brag about the quality of the product and excellent service every day to our students. Keep up the great work and thanks for offering a great product anyone can use!

Janet Stiffler, President
Executive Training Resources
Computer Training, Website Development, On-line Training

I've dealt with a multitude of companies over the past 45 years. I'm pleased to say that Simon Grabowski and his WebsiteWizard Support Team offer the best service that I've ever experienced.

What a better world it would be if you could teach the rest of the business world to emulate you.

Robert Furino

It was with anxiety that I took the plunge to go with WebsiteWizard as they are located in the US (and me in Australia), but I have been move than impressed with the incredible customer service and general ease of use in constructing the site.

Scott Osboldstone
Managing Director, Osmac Marketing Consultants

And you are doing a fantastic job! Always prompt...full of answers...and courteous! NOTE: I am easily pleased...but good customer service either way is hard to find. AOL, although I do not use their services, are the only company I have personally experienced that consistently mastered customer service...always asking, always seeking new ways to improve.

Now I haven't been with you long enough to judge honestly and fairly, but so far, WebsiteWizard is as proactive as they can be I'd say...

Kevin Simpson

Wow! I am totally amazed! I have been using website builders for years and WebsiteWizard TOTALLY stands out from the crowd for two reasons.

First, your customer service is outstanding. If I need anything and call for support, someone usually answers. And when I leave a message, my calls are returned promptly. This is unheard of with other companies that do not even provide a phone number!

And second, even though I am clueless when it comes to programming, I was able to create a website quickly with your website builder.

You saved me hundreds of dollars, as I was about to hire a programmer before I found you. Thank you so much!

Robert Hawthorne

I would like to say the experience I have had with WebsiteWizard is great. I'm still building my site, but with your friendly support staff, it has been an easy task thus far. Thanks!

Quincy G Jones

Over the years I have learned the hard way how to put one online business together - which does generate profits - but I always knew that the site lacked that professional touch.

Thank goodness I realised the potential of WebsiteWizard for my latest venture. This program is worth many times the asking price. I was very quickly able to set up a simple but professional and very attractive three-page site leading into a series of previously-created pages), using the software and the choice of templates available, both for the home page and a new logo.

I am very proud of the overall effect so far and have hardly begun to investigate the many other possibilities, features and promotional tools available.

Only today I used the search tool to find a number of other online businesses in my field of operations which I am sure will further enhance the effectiveness of my own service.

I am confident that my new site at will present the right image for my business and I will be passing on the message about WebsiteWizard to everyone who wishes to effortlessly create a credible online presence.

David Cunliffe,
Linton Press

Simon,you were right. WebsiteWizard is just like child's play.
I put my site together in five hours. Plus I just got word from you
about my first GetResponse sale. I am very pumped.

Jeff Gustafson,
Web Business Links

I would just like to say that WebsiteWizard is everything
I hoped it would be! Truly AMAZING!!!! I will tell everyone
that is thinking of building a web-site about your software.
Thank You again.

Edward Carothers,
Global Secrets

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